No one looks more like Mike Tyson than Chris because he is Mike’s biological half brother.  From celebrity appearances to birthday parties, Mike Tyson Impersonator is perfect for your event.  This one is an ear biter.  He is perfect for bachelor parties, birthday parties, or Hollywood theme events.


Truly an ear biter, this Mike Tyson Impersonator is the spitting image of Mike Tyson.  Equipped with his boxing stance and facial tattoo, he brings the punch to every event.

He is the best guest of honor for any Hollywood event, bachelor party, birthday party, and any other types of events where stars shine.  He can meet and greet with guests and pose for photos.  This impersonator is often mistaken as the real Mike Tyson.

Now with his new blue and white outfit, Mike Tyson Impersonator brings the Mike Tyson Mysteries to life.  Perfect for birthday parties, this impersonator is the best they come.