Gender Reveals

*NEW* Gender Reveal Entertainers!  Do you want one of the most unique gender reveals to date?  Gender Reveal Entertainers are perfect for the new parents to be! There is virtually no setup or break down.  One of our expert LED entertainers arrives at the party and provides one of the most unique gender reveals.

Gender Reveal Entertainers Info

Getting one of the most unique gender reveals is easy.  All you have to do is select which LED entertainer you’d like at your party.  Then one of our expert LED entertainers will show up in time to provide the “reveal” using either juggling props, hula hoops, or any other programmable skill toy.

When the entertainer arrives at the party, he will instruct the controller (usually the one who knows if it’s a boy or girl) on how to control the remote and change the colors.  The best part is that you can change to whatever colors you’d like, make it last, or fool your guests.  The entertainer will even stay to let the guests take pictures with the props.  It’s that easy.